Visiting the dentist can cause anxiety for many, and the mere thought of a shot or dental drill can be unsettling or even fearful. To help you ease into your dental treatment and make painful injections a thing of the past, we use computerized anesthetics. It’s an excellent example of our efforts to bring you the latest dental technologies so that all your visits to our office are comfortable, positive experiences. The computer controlled system allows for an even-flow delivery of local anesthetic in a very comfortable manner, via a small, lightweight hand piece resembling a pen. It doesn’t look or feel like a syringe, and the injection is virtually imperceptible, making your experience stress-free.

If you are interested in our computerized anesthesia in Circleville, Ohio, we invite you to contact our office today by calling The Guter Center for Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We are eager to accommodate your needs and help you reach the goals you have for your smile. Call today to schedule your next appointment with our caring dentist.