CEREC Dentistry for Same-Day Tooth Restoration

Have you experienced tooth damage that requires a dental restoration to repair your smile? Have you heard that CEREC dental crowns at can repair your smile in as little as a day? Not only does CEREC technology help repair damaged teeth, it can leave you with a beautiful and functional smile. Below are a few… Read more »

Choose Your Toothbrush

When was the last time you updated your toothbrush? Did you know that there are various kinds of options when it comes to choosing your toothbrush? Yes, it’s true! Your toothbrush is a vital part of your oral hygiene kit and needs to be a priority so that you can keep your teeth healthy and… Read more »

Oral Health Care Basics for a Happy and Healthy Smile

Optimum oral help often begins when you are ready for it to begin. By fixing aspects of your life and avoiding unhealthy habits that are slowly damaging your smile, you stand a chance of improving the look and function of your teeth and gums. Eliminate unhealthy habits as they appear and always take the time… Read more »

Keeping Your Invisalign® Aligners Clean and Clear

Now that you have new Invisalign® aligners, it is important that you keep them fresh and clean so that they remain clear and invisible. After all, you got them so that people would not always be looking at your mouth, right? Your aligners are a welcome wonder of modern dentistry, saving you from having to… Read more »

Oral Health Viewpoint: Dental Bridges

Do you know the difference between the different types of tooth replacements? If you are interested in restoring your smile, it is important to understand your options. If you are looking for a permanent tooth replacement treatment, a dental bridge may be what you desire. A dental bridge is designed to be anchored permanently to… Read more »

Aspects of a Super Smile: Toothache Protection

One of the biggest risks to your smile is a toothache. Toothaches often indicate infections that are typically caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease or cracked teeth. If a toothache arises in your mouth, you may be unaware of it for some time. However, there are numerous symptoms that can let you know when a… Read more »

What to Expect With Dental Crown Treatment

Are you about to restore the health and function of a tooth with a dental crown? If so, our dentist, Dr. , would like to help you get ready for your appointment. The more you know about the treatment, the more prepared you can be. So, is happy to share the steps involved in the… Read more »

Coping With a Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth are sneaky. Unlike severe damage caused by trauma to the face and mouth or the pain is caused by a cavity or abscess. A cracked tooth can go unnoticed for a long time. On top of that, you can end up with a crack in your tooth from eating hard to tough food,… Read more »

Shed Some Light on Dental Floss

  Your oral health care often depends on many treatments. Not only is brushing needed to help eradicate harmful acids and plaque buildup in your mouth, but an interdental cleaner is required to clean between teeth. One highly effective cleaning utensil that can easily remove debris between teeth is known as dental floss. Ideally, you… Read more »

Why Do My Teeth Change Color?

Your tooth enamel is susceptible to stains, which means your smile can get darker or yellower if you do things that cause tooth discoloration. Our dentists, Dr. and Dr. Kellie Schwalbach, would like to help you determine the underlying cause of your tooth stains so you can do what needs to be done to restore… Read more »