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You have seen the commercials.  Toothpaste whitens, brightens, desensitizes, and deodorizes.  But did you know toothpaste can be used for other things around the house?  Toothpaste can make other things sparkle and smell fresh other than just teeth.  Think twice about reaching for soap and stain remover the next time you need it.  Try out your non-gel, white toothpaste on these tricks.

  1. Garlic, onion, fish, and peppers have been known to leave odors on hands while working in the kitchen.  Wash your hands and fingertips with toothpaste and remove those smelly odors.
  2. Out of stain remover?  Toothpaste can be used on clothes and carpet.  Rub the stain with toothpaste until it is gone and then wash clothes as usual.  Be careful using some whitening toothpastes on fabric that may bleach out color.  Use a scrubbing brush on carpet with toothpaste to remove stains, then rinse.
  3. Get rid of the soured-milk smell in baby bottles by using toothpaste and a baby bottle scrubbing brush.  Be sure to rinse well with warm water or sanitize afterwards.
  4. If you have found crayon marks on your walls don’t panic.  Use a little toothpaste to gently rub colorful marks away.
  5. Clean up old white flip flops or white tennis shoes with a scrubbing brush and whitening toothpaste to remove dirt and stains leaving them look like new!
  6. Irritated, weeping, itchy bug bites, sores, stings, and blisters benefit from a drop of toothpaste.  My grandmother used to say after getting stung by a bee that it would take the sting away.  True, and may also stop any itching and decrease swelling.