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Many parents worry about when their children will sprout their first baby tooth, also knows as primary teeth.  The average time to expect a first tooth is between 4 and 7 months of age.  However, every child is different and timing and appearance will vary among each one.  The two, front bottom teeth usually appear first.

Most parents do not look forward to teething babies expecting they may be fussy or uncomfortable.  Cold teething rings or washcloths to chew or suck on may help.  Teething gels are sold over the counter but should be followed by the directions on the label.

Brush or clean your baby’s teeth as soon as they appear twice a day.  Safe gels and toothpastes for babies are sold over the counter should your baby swallow. 

Dr. Guter recommends a child’s first dental visit should occur within six months of the eruption of the first tooth or around their first birthday.  A child’s first visit is recommended to be a well visit, to establish a good relationship between the child and dentist.  However, if a problem should arise at anytime schedule your child for an evaluation.

Baby teeth commonly fall out in the order they came, with the center incisor teeth first, and then first baby molars, and canines, followed by the second molars.  Most baby teeth fall out on their own naturally making room for permanent teeth.

The Baby Teeth Eruption Chart shows when to expect primary teeth to erupt and loosen.